Andrea Watts 

My Story

Photo by Mark Picascio *

My name is Andrea Watts.  Many years ago a man whom I was dating gave me a Canon Powershot A80 camera for my birthday.  Who knew that innocent little gift would set my life on such an exciting new path!  Because from that point forward I began to see everyone and everything in a way I had never seen before.  Suddenly it became more important to me than ever to capture everything in photos.  Unfortunately for my friends and family, whenever we would get together for birthdays, a night out on the town or random events, I would always show up with my camera in hand which meant they were not going to get a moment of peace!  In fact, it became a running joke that no one ever needed to worry about bringing along a camera (or, pull out their smartphone) to an event as they all knew I would show up with my camera and would take enough photos to wallpaper a New York apartment!

A little more about me:  I am a singer and periodically can be seen performing on a stage.  With all of the music in my life, musicians and singers are near and dear to my heart.  Hence, I absolutely adore photographing them.  However, I also enjoy photographing folks at events who are willing to pose for a quick photo, or two.   I take great pride in my work and over the years have taken steps to increase my knowledge and skills, am committed to getting the best shots possible, and get tremendous satisfaction whenever I am able to capture that "money shot".

If you are interested in having me photograph your event, performance, party, speaking engagement, etc., please contact me at or by phone at (646) 387-5717.​